We had my wife’s 50th birthday party at Pyramid a few months ago. Service was great. The food was fresh, hot, and prompt. Everybody had a great time. There was so much to do between playing bags, shooting pool, and even beer pong. I’d definitely have another party there in the future. -Tom S., Addison

My Kids love this place and it makes it easy on all of us. Pyramid’s menu is so extensive, everybody can find something they’ll enjoy, even with picky eaters such as kids. Enough about the kids though adults love it, too! They have a full bar, the food is reasonably priced (especially given the huge portions), and it’s just a fun place we all can enjoy as a family.

I love Pyramid’s pizza/ They have loads of topping options, great crust, great sauce, etc. I love going to Pyramid for a pizza night but they do takeout, too, which is great for a last minute dinner after a long day at the office. – Tony C., Addison

Pyramid is probably my favorite place to go to watch football, the UFC fights, Hockey, and pretty much everything else. They’ve got these HUGE projection screens in the dining area in addition to flat screen TV’s at the bar. Plus, there’s just so much to do when you’re at Pyramid. It really is the place to be. – James T., Elmhurst

Jesus Christ this pizza is delicious.  There’s not​ a better pizza within a 15-mile radius of this place.  I’ve tried a lot of pizzas and this one is in my top three pizzas of all time.  The crust is thin and crispy and it’s PILED HIGH with toppings that are authentic and perfect.  This is no other place that’s better pizza than here.  There’s no point in ordering from any of the other pizza places in Addison or surrounding suburbs.  Get your pizza here and from no where else.

I have been going to this place for years. The owners are nice and the place is huge. I think it was a grocery store before if I recall. Never had a bad pizza or service. The best nights to go are the UFC fight nights because they offer it with no cover. The bartenders are experienced and can make pretty much any drink. If you want a nice place to play pool or watch the Cubs game I cannot recommend this place enough.

I’ve lived in villa park for two years now and Pyramid is the number one place that we order from. We order everything from sandwiches, pizza, wings, salads and more. Everything has been good. I also come in from time to time to shoot pool. They have a lot of pool tables and the staff is always very nice. We even pulled up a drink on our phone we wanted to try and the bartender made it for us no problem! Love this place